Digital Sound Level Tester Noise Tester Reader with LCD Backlight Data Hold

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Compact & Lightweight Design - This 10 inch length digital noise meter has novel design, compact size. Sound Noise Level Meter 30-130dB noise monitor decibel pressure calibrator detector logger for indoor / outdoor. Suitable for monitoring noise levels in factories, offices, theaters and audio systems
Wide Measurement Range - Sound Meter / Noise monitor / DB tester can read between 30dBA~130dBa with frequency range from 31.5 to 8.5KHz. Highly accurate with +/-1.5dB.Accuracy with 0.1dB. Portable, suitable for noise engineering, quality control, health control and a variety of environmental noise measurement. Such as factories, offices, traffic roads, home, audio and other occasions, noise measurement applications
Max/Min/Lock current value-Press Max or Min, the value will be locked until the minimum or maximum value appears and replace the current value. Adjustable Sample rate. Decibel Audio Noise Measurement Detectors Logger
Data Hold Function - Large LCD screen display, 10 minutes Auto Power Off or Manual Shut Off by Pressing the Power Button for Two Seconds. Digital sound level meter decibel logger tester noise meter
A and C trade-off network options: A (simulated human ear), C (machine noise). AC and DC analog signal output, can be connected to the frequency analyzer or X-Y axis recorder to do statistical analysis of data

Long-term in a noisy environment has a serious impact on the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive and endocrine system. Do you want to make sure your surrounding environment is health for you? Noise Meteris applicable for the measurement of noise engineering, quality control, health prevention and various environmental noises,including noise measurement in such various places as factories, offices, transporting routes, families, stereo equipment and other places.This high-precision high quality high accuracy Sound Level Meter (30 to 130 Decibels) has been designed to meet the measurement requirement of Safety Engineers, Health, Industrial Safety offices and Sound Quality control in various environment. Great for noise pollution monitoring. It provides a reliable, accurate and fast way to measure sound level and calculate the decibel of factory, office, traffic, home theater setup, health and safety compliance, vehicle noise testing and audio system. Also measures both A & C frequencies to get the right response for the human ear, as well as fast or slow responses to get an "ambient" reading or a short noise. Additionally, it’s extremely easy-to-use. Just press one button and results will be displayed instantly on the screen, and simply setting the range, the accurate decibel can be calculated.

Noise Meter
-Model: HY1361
-Color: White & blue
-Size: 248.92 x 63.5 x 30.48mm/ 9.8 x 2.5 x 1.2 Inches
-Measuring range: 30 ~ 130dBA
-Resolution 0.1dB
-Digital Display: 4digits
-Power source: 31.5V AA battery 4 or DC 6V 100mA DC power supply can not exceed DC 9V(Not included)
-Battery ingredient: Alkaline battery
-Working temperature and humidity: 0 ~ 40 ℃, 10 ~ 80% RH
-Storage temperature and humidity: -10 ~ 60 ℃, 0 ~ 90% RH

Package Includes:
-1 x Sound level meter
-1 x DC 6V Cable
-1 x Sponge Ball or Windscreen
-1 x User manual    

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