TECHQ Bug Out bag Accessory bundle for small laptops great for a weekend away!

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The TECHQ Bug-Out Bag is the go-to travel companion that provides you with Power, Tunes, and a Style Sling BackPack to keep valuables safe.

Taking a Weekend away from it all? Or maybe just headed out of town for a few days. This accessory bundle combines our Top Products into one convenient Package.

Have you ever been traveling through the airport and you get the dreaded "POWER SAVE MODE" notification on your phone and all the poweroutlets are taken? No need to worry any more. Just plug your TECHQ Wireless charger into the External USB port on your TECHQ Sling Bag and start charging your phone... No need to hold both just plug your phone in and continue with using your phone or tablet!

What's included:

  • ​TECHQ Sling Bag - Retial Price $39.99
  • TECHQ Wireless Charger - Retail Price $49.99
  • TECHQ HydroSound Sport - Retail Price $39.99
  • TECHQ Travel Power Kit - Retail Price $19.99
Total value of this kit is $149.96.


Your Next Adventure Companion

Have you ever decided to just get away from it all? Maybe a camping trip with no power? Just grab your TECHQ Bug-Out Bag and head to to the woods... You can stay up todate on the latest information and not worry about conserving your phone battery... just plug it in to your TECHQ Sling Bag and Wireless Charger...

Do you like to listen to music in the Shower but spend most of your days on the road for work... You probably have to have your phone play the music, but you worry about getting it wet... No worries now use the TECHQ HydroSound Speaker while in the TECHQ Bug-Out Bag and have no wories about the getting it wet. IT's WATERPROOF up to 3.3 feet of water.

TECHQ Travel Power Kit

All thing things to keep you powered:

A small kit for your emergency needs. One place for all your cables, chargers, headphones.

This includes the following essential accessories:

  • Car Charger
  • Wall Adapter (US)
  • 3 in 1 USB Cable (Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB)
  • 2,000mAh PowerBank

TECHQ Sling Bag - External USB

Charge on the fly! 

An external USB charging port and power pack pocket let you take your extra battery and charging packs with you so you can access your power anywhere, anytime. Top off in the airport, on the bus, or even while walking and biking.

TECHQ Wireless Power Bank

Features to keep you in going

The TECHQ Wireless Power Bank has tons of features to keep you going for days with power.

  • You can charge multiple devices simultaniously using Wireless Charging or USB Charging.
  • Use your standard phone charger (Micro USB or Lightning Cable) to charge the power bank
  • Power indicator tells you just how much charge you have left
  • Lost in the Dark? No Problem just double click the power button and you have an LED Flashlight to use.

TECHQ HydroSound Sport

Industry Leading Waterproof Rating: 

IPX7 waterproof rating means HydroSound Sport can handle immersion in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes, and even float after taking a plunge.* With high dust, sand and water resistance, it’s the perfect companion for a day outdoors. Don’t just trust our words in the description Check out our video for yourself!

* To ensure water resistance, seal off ports with protective flap.